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I am... a Little Big Girl

and I solemnly swear to never grow up.

I am... Little Big Girl
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are a girl. live and swear by the color pink. collect dolls and vintage dresses. read fruits religiously and worship Japanese street fashion. alice in wonderland is your favorite book. you have colorful hair. are creative. adore bright make-up. wear mary-janes and ruffle socks. alter or make your own clothes. but most importantly. never want to grow up...

Then you are a Little Big Girl!

Doe Deere Blogazine - an online publication for girly-girls!

This community is a place for all the LBGs around the world to get together, post photos of themselves looking cute, play dress-up, share make-up tips, discuss fashion trends and talk about anything littlebig-girly!

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* Hi! My name is:
* ...but you can call me Little Big Girl because:
* I am from:
* My fashion idol(s): [pics]
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* On my cutest day, I look like this: [your photos]
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History of LBG
In a nutshell, Little Big Girl as a style is a mixture of various subcultures from Fruits, Kinderwhore, Lolita, to Japanese street fashion with a focus of anything doll-like, ultra-feminine, or with a vintage/DIY flavor. Put your own spin on it!